Origins in Geometry | Biennial 2021

Larry Akers, Maria Arvelaiz-Gordon, Stefan Balázs, Jane Barthès, Roger Bensasson, David Blow, Melinda Clyne, Wallace Colvard, Alonso de Alba Bessonnier, Adriana Dorta, Michael Duncan, István Ézsiás, Israel Guevara, Nicole Guyhart, Michael Hall, Howard Hersh, Liliana […]

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Blow up | István Haász

15/7 – 29-8 2021 Curator | Brigitta Muladi Vajda Múzeum | Szentendre | Hungary “The avant-garde tradition operates with reduction, thus producing atemporal and universalist images and gestures. – writes Boris Groys – It is […]

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Untitled TZT058 | Bos Fine Art

Monika Buch + Inge Prins van Wijngaarden 15/7 – 1/8 2021 Bos Fine Art | Den Haag | Netherlands Monika Buch (Spain, 1936) was born in Valencia, German parents, where she grew up. That life […]

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Images statistiques | Mark Starel

23/7 – 31/7 2021 Galerie Abstract Project | Paris | France Intermedia artist. Also active in the field of painting, space organization, digital graphics and generative art. Mark Starel creates statistical images, inspired by databases or […]