Razsežnosti geometrije | Dimension of geometry

Jaka Bonča, Brut Carniollus, Nejč Slapar, Andreja Eržen, Peter Marolt

3/4 – 4/5 2019
Galerija Insula | Izola | Slovenija

The exhibition of selected members of Kranj Art Society entitled Dimension of geometry will take us to the world, where everything is subordinated to a reduced, clear idea, based on two-dimensional and three-dimensional derivations. In spite of the analytically set composition and distance from reality, we are accompanied by a touch of a tangible formal image and this subordinate conceptual perception that establishes a link between rational and imaginative.
Brut Carniollus uses a distinctive modular conceptual model, which, with the help of a variation of the quadrilateral and a color combination, creates a spatial architectural composition.
Nejč Slapar plays with the visual perception of individual art elements, space and bodies, as well as the optical illusion itself, which mediates the impossible constructions.
The static structure of the raster-defined networks on the two-dimensional surface of Jaka Bonča shows the conceptual design of optical art with the effects of flashing, motion, dynamics, and color contrast.
Andreja Eržen, with a line of confession in a black and white combination, builds a conversation between a strict geometric form and an abstracted organic structure.
Peter Marolt‘s artifacts are thoughtfully shaped forms, based on artistic bodies, combined in complex design, with an emphasis on harmony, balance as the material itself from which it originates.
Melita Ažman