Discursive Geometry | Landscape

23/1 – 14/2 2020

Steven Baris, Grzegorz Mroczkowski, Julian Scordato, Magdalena Snarska, Jerzy Sojka, Grzegorz Sztabiński.

Curator | Mark Starel

XS Gallery | Institute of Visual Arts | Jan Kochanowski University | Kielce | Poland

This is the first of a series of seven international exhibitions dedicated to Discursive Geometry.
Artists taking part in the exhibition abandon the avant-garde tradition of presenting landscape, understood as abstracting from reality, reducing or simplifying. They look at the landscape from a current perspective, manifested primarily in mapping strategy, displaying data related to various aspects of the landscape and geographical space, recording the behavior of people in this space, such as moving or traveling, as well as in postmodern landscape game, its deconstruction, new iconography or reminiscence.