Max Bill & Verena Loewensberg | Larkin Erdmann

19/11 2020 – 14/1/2021

Larkin Erdmann | Zurich | Swiss

Works included in the exhibition have been selected to best represent the distinct styles of each artist, illustrating how Bill and Loewensberg adapted their interpretations of Concrete Art based on their own diverse influences. In Bill’s oeuvre we see the meticulous, mathematical and perhaps even philosophical approach to geometric abstraction for which he was well known, using colour theory and logical relationships at the core of his compositions. Whilst formal similarities between Bill and Loewensberg are obvious, Loewensberg, by contrast, demonstrates bold and vibrant canvases which exhibit her unrivalled technical excellence and unique sensitivity to colour, as well as a sense of greater freedom in her approach to the Concrete, which was influenced greatly by artists she encountered in the USA.