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L’empremta del paisatge | Enric Mestre

17/1 2020 Pre-esrtreno Documental: “Enric Mestre. L’empremta del paisatge” Dirección | Rafaela Pareja, Luis Hector Pardo, Ismael López. Director de la forografia | Javier Marina Montaje | Mario de Juan i Ernesto Producción | VaProd […]

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A conversation with David Novros

Oral history interview with David Novros, 2008 Oct. 22-27. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Interview by Michael Brennan David, can you tell me when and where you were born? I was born in Los […]

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Textures of Reality | Isabelle Borges

10/1 – 20/3 2020 Galeria Kogan Amaro | Zurich | Swiss In her mostly abstract works, Isabelle Borges explores patterns and structures she encounters in the visible world. Her main focus is on the geometry […]