Is there a topic about Geometric Abstraction that you think should be covered? You can submit information about an event, exhibition, happening, artist, artwork or idea to with “Contribution” in the subject line.

Submiting contibutions is not a guarantee of publication.
Feedback replies will be send only to Reports and Testimonia contributions.
NO feedback will be send to Artworks submissions.

Easy to read, easy to digest, and easy to share. Events notes should be submitted within 4 days following an event (gallery opening, show, artist talk, etc.) 
Please include Oficial Cover Image, beginning and finish dates, location, curators, etc…

Reports should cover exhibitions, gallery events, artists, or happenings. Reports can range from just exihibition photos reviews  to complete art critics. Negative critics, fairly argumented, will be evaluated.
Please include exihibition images.

Testimonia | Artist Interviews 
Interviews with artists or close family and friends will be accepted. These stories should provide an engaging and insightful lens into the artist’s world. Interviews should include a brief bio about the artist and context about the interview in the form of an introduction.

Only one artwork can be subimitted at time, to submit more than one artwork please send us a link to your online protfolio or digital archive (Dropbox, etc.)
Please include title, year, size, medium, your full name, date, country and city of birth.

review process

Once you have submitted your report, your funding programme will check that it is in line with requirements and then it will be passed to the editorial office. At this point, your report has entered editorial review.
The report will then be reviewed, usually by at least 3 independent experts who provide expertise in various relevant areas (such as curatorial, art history, gallery/museum managing, etc.).
Reviewers are asked to return their comments within 4 weeks. When all the comments have been received, the editors review all of the papers and feedback is given to the author (please note for TAR reports the editor will review the report only after it has been revised in response to the initial reviewer comments). Ideally, all of this will take place within 2 months of receipt of your final report.
Should your report require revision you will be invited to resubmit an electronic version of your revised report within four weeks. This must be accompanied by a table detailing the changes that have/have not been made in response to the editors’ and/or reviewers’ comments.
The editors will then decide whether or not you have adequately addressed the reviewers’ comments. If the changes are not considered sufficient, you will be asked to make further revisions. Occasionally, the editors may ask for the revised report to be re-reviewed.
When the editors are satisfied that a report is acceptable for publication, the report is sent to the production house.
At this stage, your report is accepted for publication and you can now cite your report as ‘in publication’. You can upload your report to your institution’s repository at this stage, however if you do so, it must be a closed version. We would prefer you to wait until the report is published because:

  • the report is subject to change throughout the editorial process
  • your dual publication articles may not get published if your work is already in the public domain
  • you may not have secured all necessary permissions for reproduced material within your report.

Please note that the editors will make the final decision on a report’s suitability for publication. They have an extensive role throughout the process, including assigning reviewers, reviewing reports, signing them off to be sent to the production house and approving the final proofs before publication.


1) Please ensure that you fill, sign and submit the Image Release Form.

2) You are welcome to send as many photos as you want in order to be considered in your feature (Reports and Testimonia) , but only from 3 to 8 images will be chosen. The amount of images we choose will depend on the variety of looks or poses provided. The more diverse your images the more likely we will feature more.

3) Image specs need to be RGB at 72 dpi and 1200 pixels at the longest side 

4) Please ensure that no added text or logos are on the images, your credits will be inserted to best fit the theme and style of Geometricae Magazine

5) Geometricae Magazine does not provide free copies. This publication is printed as print-per-purchase publishing.

6) Geometricae Magazine does not pay for submissions.

7) Submitters must be copyright holders. You will be responsible if a claim is made against Geometricae Magazine for copyright infringement. By submitting you grant permission to publish and distribute your work in any shape or form.

8) Geometricae Magazine will not be held accountable for misspelled or missing credits; it is the submitter responsibility to provide this information correctly. In case you forget or misspell a credit we will NOT change it after launch. So it is extremely important to get the correct information from the very first time. However, in case the mistake is made by Geometricae Magazine, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can promptly change it.

9) By submitting you grant us permission to use your submission in any shape or form for any purpose related to the Geometricae Magazine brand. You also allow Geometricae Magazine to color-correct or crop your images to best fit into the publication.

10) Geometricae doesn’t apply any Processing Charges (APCs) neither Article Submission charges to authors.