IVK Art | Ivan Vasilevich Kliun

Texts | Svetlana Kliunkova-Soloveichik,  Ivan Vasilevich Kliun, Nicholas A. Ohotin.
Publisher | IVK Art, New York
Year | 1994
pp379 | 25x31cm.
ISBN | 9780963844002

Authored by Kliun’s granddaughter, this is a massive and exhaustive book not only regarding Kliun’s life’s work but personal life. Many color and black and white pictures of his work and family. This monogaraphy provides access to the many Kliun paintings in private collections. Fascinating commentary on this complicated and conflicted artist who was a great draftsman as well as being at the forefront of the Constructivist/Suprematist movement while living under difficult political conditions. Excellent qulaity of reproductions