Geometric Complexions

Liz Mares, Eric Tucker, Jordan Scott, Mario Gonzalez Jr, Robert Porazinski, David Versluis, Enrico Magnani, Steven Lockwood, Sarvin Saghighi, Krista Svalbonas, Ruben Aguirre, Marissa Voytenko.

Curator | Sergio Gomez

28/4-9/6 2017
Zhou B Art Center | Chicago | Illinois

Geometric Complexions is an exhibition featuring 13 artists from the US, Iran, Mexico and Italy. The exhibition explores the visual language of geometric abstraction in the context of contemporary art. Traced as far back as 1908 with the birth of cubism, geometric abstraction continues to evolve in studios of many contemporary artists today. Anchored in simplicity, repetition, flattened geometry and color harmony, some of these works are also reminiscent of the minimalist and Bauhaus movements.