Transition | Adrián Torres Astaburuaga

22/6 -29/10 2017
IVAM. Institut Valencià d’Art Modern. | Valencia | España

We live in a times of change and transformation. These moments suppose the switching from one state to another, and they are not exempted from incertitude. Like travellers of the present we build new realities, we know where do we come from but not necessary the final destination. Infinite transition is maybe the point of arrival.
The installation transition, [succulent garden installation] designed to equip the IVAM esplanade during 4 months of 2017, explores a modular and geometrical transition in wood structure in order to activate a social interaction facility meant to create an agora and a covered in vegetation shade and meeting point at the access of the museum.
The piece with almost 30 metres length in conceived as a temporary citizenship infrastructure for an underused space.
The notion of transition or geometrical evolution permeate the installation. A 50cmx50cm cubic modulation evolves to 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m, and 3.6m, modulation.
The transition is not only modular, different wood sections are employed depending on the modulation length. Starting from a 45mmx45mm wood section the pieces reaches the 120mmx120mm wood section at the big porticos. We find as well a triple transition: the piece evolves from a rigid orthogonal pattern to an oblique and apparently chaotic order.
The piece can be explore at its interior. A series of platforms can dispose depending on the needed programme: an amphitheatre, an agora, a scenario, an exhibition set or simply a meeting point. These platforms are covered in vegetation in order to configure a succulent plants garden, together with some trees and bushes adapted to an extreme hot climate.