In memoriam | Lars Erik Falk

Lars Erik Falk | Uppsala | Sweden | 1922-1918

Falk received his art education in Stockholm and had his first solo exhibition after school in 1952 at Welamssons Art Gallery. Influential contemporaries and close companions Olle Baertling and Eric H. Olson, drove Falk to create works inspired as well as in relation to form and space.
During the 1950s, Falk focused his attention on sculpture, finding it to be the ultimate form of artistic expression and worked exclusively with objects. Steel and aluminum were the mediums of choice and were manipulated to produce geometric abstract sculptures. During the 1970s, the 73-degree angle became the artist’s signature motif. Away from the static 90-degree sculpture, the 73-degree alternative points to the position of transition between rest and dynamic movement. This balance, about 73-degrees, gave Falk a new perspective for possibilities of variation in rhythm, balance, and dynamics.
Falk’s novel approach garnered European attention where he held exhibitions throughout Sweden.