Campos Sintéticos | Isabelle Borges

Curator | Ricardo Resende

4/9-27/10 2018

Emmathomas Galeria | São Paulo | Brasil

In Synthetic Fields, the artist based in Berlin returns to the country to present 17 works that reflect her research on the malleability of space.
A two-dimensional production that extrapolates the screens and invades the walls. This is the work of Isabelle Borges, a Berlin-based Soteropolitan artist who, from September 4th, presents the exhibition Campos Sintéticos, her first solo exhibition at Emmathomas Gallery. With the curatorship by Ricardo Resende, the show turns to the investigation of space as a three-dimensional place and brings together 17 unpublished works.

The process of the artist is cyclical: it begins in the drawing, goes through the collage, painting and mural until returning to the origin. In her production, she assumes a chaotic geometry that looks at the infinite by paths created as labyrinths. The lines, plans and colors used by the artist spread through the environment and confuse the observer’s gaze: in a single plane, the paintings leave the pictures and follow the walls. “In the pictorial installations, the physical spaces are confused with the screens and the walls are dematerialized. The paintings are hung and distributed in an orderly manner, in perfect symmetry. At the same time as rigid, this organization is endowed with an immeasurable lightness, “points out Ricardo Resende.

The work of Isabelle still inherits influences of the modernist architecture – reflection of the period time she lived in Brasília. From Le Corbusier, an important French architect of the twentieth century, the artist adopts the idea of “ineffable space”. Her paintings unfold and tear the edges that impose limits to the canvas. The curator also relates his production to Dadaism, an artistic movement that innovated by placing the canvas in front of the frame.

“Isabelle thinks the exhibition space when it acts directly on the walls of the place. Environment and paintings become one thing, allowing the public a unique visual experience when passing through the space installations that merge, architecture, painting and sculpture”, explains Ricardo Resende.

The Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges also integrates her creative path with strong poetic reference. In Synthetic Fields, a reference to the story The Garden of Forking Paths, in which the author reports the paths as provisional and plural, exploring the infinite possibilities between time and space.

“Drawing to think of space, sometimes with the help of photography, then I transfer the thought to another support, the collage – looking for the relationship between lines and planes. In painting I simulate colors and I define the spatial relationships existing between line and color, “describes Isabelle. Its process is systemic, passes through the delusional space and the real, until it reaches the sensation of gravitation that his paintings without borders emit when they become walls.