Travel through the land of Geometry | Ria Groenhof

28/2 – 26/5 2019
Museum Nagele | Nagele | Netherlands

In “Travel through the land of Geometry” Ria Groenhof shows a combination of images, paintings and design.
Space and clarity are the ingredients in her geometrically abstract works, the abstraction of a purely geometric interplay of lines. She makes a link to the village of Nagele; a special village that was designed by the architects ‘De Acht’ and ‘De Opbouw’ in the fifties and that arose from geometric shapes, light, air and space.
It is fascinating to see how so much personal emotion can be placed in such an abstract formal language.
Ria Groenhof studied sculpture and environmental design at the AKI ArtEZ University of the Arts in Enschede (1980-1985). She debuted with her painting work at a solo exhibition at De Lawei in Drachten in 1989. Her book of the same name ‘A quarter century of geometric abstract’ also came from the exhibition INART ‘The art collective’, Lemmer 2012. She recently exhibited in Museum Dr8888, among others. The heirs of De Stijl, Beyond Dada and De Stijl Part 1 ′ and the land art project ‘Ode to MC Escher op’ t Bildt ‘, 2018.
In her sculptures she combines various materials such as bronze, concrete, stone, corten steel and stainless steel. An example of this is ‘De grins fan greide en wetter’ (The boundary of grassland and water), 2002, which she made from reinforced concrete (columns), stainless steel (sculptures) and chunks of stone. There are also works by her in Heerenveen, ‘De Wachters’ (corten steel), in Tjalleberd, ‘Turfsnijder’ (bronze, black patinated) and in Lemmer, ‘De Hege Fonnen’ (The high pastures) (stainless steel).