Form and Intent

Joanick Becourt, Emily Berger, Jean Pierre Bertozzi, Jacob Cartwright, Olivier Di Pizio, Lynne Eastaway, Peter Holm, Tom McGlynn, Fasang Navaaran, Laura Nilln, Ivo Ringe, Claudine Sallenave, Tenesh Webber, Olga Aglo Ząbroń, Joa Zak.

23/10 2/11 2019

Galerie Abstract Project | Paris | France

The exhibition, Form and intent, was conceived in relation to the Biennale Internationale d’Art Non Objectif, founded by French artist Roland Orépük in 2011.
In 2017, the idea of satellite exhibitions during the two years between the biennials was born. Several exhibitions have been organized in this way to unify, promote and increase the visibility of the non-objective art movement on an international scale.
Some artists in this exhibition are already part of the international network of non-objective art and the others have been included more recently. Through the inclusion of new artists, the network is spreading worldwide and the concept is enlarging.