Muzej Lapidarium | Cinétique II

4/9 1/10 2020

Fabrice Ainaut, Milija Belic, Christine Boiry, Francesco Camponovo, Michel Debully, David Fahey, Eva Francová, István Haász, Wilmer Herrison, Barbara Höller, Hernan Jara, Renate Klara Kasper, Françoise Kulesza, Mitsouko Mori, Alex Pariss, Anne Rose Regenboog, Luisa Russo, Gregorio Siem, Muneki Suzuki, Ada Weber, Marian Weber, Victor Vasarely, Go Segawa, Getulio Alviani, Ivan Picelj, Almir da Silva Mavignier, Joël Stein, Jeffrey Steele.

Curator | Milja Belic, Jerica Ziherl

Muzej Lapidarium | Novigrad | Croatia

The exhibition, conceptualized and curated by Milja Belic, has brought together artworks by 21 artists who work with the phenomena of kinetic and geometric art in Europe. Regardless of the artworks being small in format, the exhibition offers an overview of transformed ideas about kinetic art from the sixties in contemporary artistic practices.
The choice of artists for the CINÉTIQUE II exhibition is expanded by the works of the Japanese artist Go Segawa and a selection of works from the museum’s collections (the Rigo Gallery collection) that refer to the pioneers of kinetic art (V. Vasarely) and protagonists of the first exhibitions held in Zagreb titled Nove Tendencije (New Tendencies) that were hosted in the Gallery (now Museum) of Contemporary Art in the sixties (G. Alviani, I. Picelj, A. Mavignier, J. Stein, J. Steele). Conceptualized and curated by Jerica Ziherl, the expanded exhibition defines kinetic art as an unfinished art project whose traces are present in all works of contemporary Croatian authors.