Untitled TZT058 | Bos Fine Art

Image: Inge Prins van Wijngaarden, ZERO waste pART 4.0 (Detail)

Monika Buch + Inge Prins van Wijngaarden

15/7 – 1/8 2021

Bos Fine Art | Den Haag | Netherlands

Monika Buch (Spain, 1936) was born in Valencia, German parents, where she grew up. That life still plays an important role in her work. the light, the colors and the sea. And the mosaics, tiles and other relics found from the Arab times partly determined her aesthetic preferences. Monika Buch studied in Ulm, Germany on the famous Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG Ulm). Max Bill was at that time the director. The HfG Ulm was created as a continuation of the Bauhaus in Germany. In the 1920’s the Bauhaus played an important role in modern art. The school was not an art school, but an institution focused on the design of all aspects of daily life and the environment.
The ideas of Max Bill and the school buildings designed by him was for Monika Buch the start of her interest in modern architecture. The lessons that the most direct influence on her work had been that of Helene Nonne Schmidt, assistant of Paul Klee at the Bauhaus. During her lessons about color and color theory, she has learned to paint highly differentiated long color series. The inspiring asignments by Hermann von Baravalle about “The Geometry of Shadow Movements” are still to be found in the principles of Monika her art works.

In her artworks, Inge Prins van Wijngaarden (Netherlands 1979) reflects on how she experiences and sees life. She reflects on themes that concern her: from essentials to daily trifles, often with a touch of humor. Her sources of inspiration are nature, human behavior and the properties of materials. Sustainability is at the heart of everything she makes. She stands for a conscious approach to the environment and that is why she only works with environmentally friendly or recycled materials. Because these materials are very diverse, she uses different techniques to bring them to life. Intensive materials research is an important part of her work process. For Inge, art is about inspiring each other and expressing emotions.