Origo-meter | László Ottó

Origo-meter; “In the living space of geometry.”

4/2 – 25/2 2022

Virág Judit Galéria | Budapest | Hungary

The exhibition presents László Ottó (Pécs, Hungary, 1966) latest works from the past three years.
Ottó is concerned with the conceptual geometry of metaphysics, experimenting with various ways of its depiction. ”Metaphysical conceptuality means consciously scanning the geometry of the Postmodern and the past. I am beyond simplicity, complexity, that is what I paint in my pictures.”
Continuing the tradition of the old masters and mixing out his own colours, the artist uses at least thirty different shades of black, thus creating exciting differences of qualities and surfaces on his canvases. For Otto, Black means immersion, creating an infinite space that is very precisely designed and executed. The center is decisive in the creation of his paintings, organizing his compositions around it. Yet another characteristic of his style that he forms an image from the structured, rhythmic repetition of an element, and builds spiral living spaces from plane figures.