Sinkretické náhody | Štefan Balázs

25/2 – 25/3 2023

Curator | Katarína Balúnová

Koniareň | Trebišov | Slovensko

Syncretism is a philosophical concept of combination and overlapping of different directions, ideas and religious systems. What determines the course of the world? To what extent is chance a determining element of events? According to the big bang theory the universe has originated from an infinitely dense singularity. The disorder of the primeval chaos was gradually overcome by the relationship of regularities and unwanted situations. The gravitational forces of the cosmic bodies floating in the expanding cosmos influence each other and change the arrangement in the infinite curve of the space-time. According to Galileo, the universe can be understood only through mathematics and geometry. Arthur Schopenhauer writes in his work The World as Will and Imagination (1819): “Generally and everywhere the true symbol of nature is the circle, because it is a scheme of repetition: it is the most universal form in nature, which it transforms in everything, from the course of the heavenly bodies to the death and creation of organic beings.” The circle in its perfection is often repeated in the architectural contexts of utopias. For Campanello, the arrangement of the entire city-state resembles the scheme of the planetary system. The Italian city of Palmanova, the Indian experimental city of Auroville, or the science fiction circular cities of the American futurist Jacque Fresco are also built in a similar circular form.
In his paintings Štefan Balázs “writes down” the circles of the laws of chance created by causal relations. The cube determines the basic points of the composition, which the author develops into a vibrating planimetry of ordered patterns. More recently, the relationship between chaos and order, the polarization of the center, and the occasional deconstruction or breaking of the circle are important to him. He plays nonviolently with the viewer’s visual perception by interrupting the sequence between the front and back planes of the image, creating an optical illusion of space within the plane. Imaginary cosmological systems expand in a ring-like motion that seeks to continue beyond the confines of the chosen format. An extension of the concept are painting-objects that form a new potential relationship to space. The principles repeat themselves, albeit in a different form. Everything is the same and yet different. The circle is the wandering energy of thought, endless rebirths, the mantra of life. The circle is a fundamental symbol, it is not absurd, it can be easily represented by rotating a line around one of its extreme points, and yet it does not exist, as Jean-Paul Sartre says.