Painting, the unconventional support | Cesar Paternosto

2/12 2023

Cuarator | Gabriela Rangel

Durban Segnini Gallery | Miami | Florida

The exhibition focuses on the evolution and continuity of Paternosto’s idea from his early lateral vision canvases through his most recent works. In the late 1960s, César Paternosto embraced abstraction at a time when painting was still the cutting-edge art. It was in New York in 1969, however, that he discovers the expressive possibilities of the canvas and conceived the notion of a radical “lateral vision” of painting that brought the pictorial notations to the side edges of the picture transforming the painting into an object and inaugurating a new space for painting that forced the modification of the traditional position of the spectator in front of the work. He moved the emphasis of his paintings to the outer side edges of the canvas leaving the front blank. By shifting attention to the sides, he questioned the custom of viewing paintings frontally, expanding the range of the pictorial field to the sides, he turned the three dimensionality of the painting into an object.