Geometria | Galéria Rozeta

Current trends in geometric abstraction

Viktor Hulík, Adam Szentpétery, Mária Balážová, Štefan Balázs, Pavol Rusko, Ján Vasilko, Katarína Balúnová, Lenka Sršňová, Paulína Rypáková, Dominika Žáková, Zuzana Badinková.

24/5 – 23/8 2024

Curator | Zuzana Badinková, Pavol Rusko

Galéria Rozeta | Ružomberok | Slovensko

The exhibition highlights current trends in geometric abstraction in painting by showcasing the contemporary works of a diverse selection of 11 artists spanning multiple generations nationwide. Featuring artists from younger, middle, and older generations, with a 40-year age gap between the oldest and youngest, it offers a unique opportunity to explore and compare the development and contributions in this field from various generational perspectives. Additionally, the exhibition underscores the interest of the youngest artistic generation in this style. Despite some exhibitors having a teacher-student relationship, it emphasizes the individual paths of each artist.